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City Overview

 Athens is a city of history scanning over 3400 years. Today Athens is a modern  cosmopolitan city offering great shopping, restaurants, music, art and culture.

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Cabbie Tips

Explore the ancient greek architecture and beautiful history by visiting the immaculate Acropolis and Parthenon.

Experience amazing lamb, haloumi and traditional music at The Plaka, Athens evening and dining area.

Discover the history , art and culture of Greece at the National Archeological Museum, with amazing classical Greek Artifacts, this museum is a must.

Experience the daily flea market, gain confidence in haggling and get some great bargains at Monastiraki.

Visit the Lycabettus Hill, which offers amazing views of the Acropolis, and the beautiful seas and landscape of Athens.
The Acropolis -Get there early to avoid the crowds. The climb can be relentless and there isn't much shade so be sure to take your sunscreen. 

Spend a day at Glyfada Beach, Athens nicest beach with cafes, restaurants and shopping

Explore Psirri, One of Athens' trendy neighborhoods. Popular for both the art galleries such as A.Antonopoulou Art as well as the cafes and restaurants.