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City Overview

Explore the exotic distinct city of Hong Kong with spectacular skyscrapers, and excellent shopping. Discover the Chinese culture sweeping the streets and watch the sunset from the mountain tops, the deserted islands or the gorgeous beaches.

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Cabbie Tips

Travel and discover the famous city of Hong Kong by travelling on The Peak, a tram with stunning harbour and city views.

Experience the cultural atmosphere at Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, known as the most unique temple in Hong Kong, it is a must see.

See and float among one of the most busiest yet beautiful harbours in the world, Victoria Harbour, is an attraction that needs to be explored.

Discover the hidden tropical getaway from the Hustle and Bustle at New Territories, with endless mountain trails and luscious gardens.

Shopping is a must in Hong Kong, and there isn't a better place to do it than Kowloon's Markets for great bargains.