Things to Know about London at Christmas

You asked for tips on what to do in London at Christmas time, so I did a bit of hunting around to see what I could find. I’ve spent 8 Christmases in London as a resident and when we lived in Wales I’d come to London most years to see the lights, do some shopping, maybe take in a show. I’m sure we can help you plan on a wonderful few days or weekend in London over Christmas.

London is always fun at any time of year but at Christmas she has extra magic. The darkness of the late afternoons helps make the lights and decorations all the more spectacular as you munch on your roasted chestnuts and sip a mulled wine. So if you’re thinking of visiting London this Christmas, 2019, we have some up-to date tips and recommendations for you. Some dates are not yet out for 2019, we’re adding confirmed dates as fast as we can.

A lot of London’s Christmas events, including the ice rinks, are hugely popular, pre-booking may be the best idea.

London at Christmas Time

London at Christmas Time

We update this post every year to give you dates, timings, train closures and special events. We’re adding 2019 information just as fast as we can find it. If it’s not in the post yet it’s most likely that dates have not yet been released. We give links for you to check dates where we can.

Christmas Lights and Decorations

London Christmas Lights Covent Garden

The beautiful Christmas decorations at Covent Garden, there is usually a Christmas food fair here too.

London is all lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree early, you’ll see lights on almost every street in the city. The lights are normally switched on in the first week of November. See dates for Londons Christmas Light Switch On Events here. for 2019 switch on dates. Our favourite spots for amazing festive lights and decorations are:

  • Covent Garden ( pictured above)
  • Oxford St
  • Regent St
  • Bond St
  • Carnaby St

Things to Know about London at Christmas

One of the best views in London at Christmas, just walk over the river from the South Bank on the Millenium Bridge and you’ll get this stunning view of St Paul’s. Hint – save to Pinterest!

London’s Christmas Shop Windows

Stores in London really pull out the big guns at Christmas, you’re in for a treat of window dressing art:

  • John Lewis on Oxford St.
  • Fortnum and Mason in Picadilly
  • Harrods in Knightsbridge
  • Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge
  • Selfridges on Oxford St.
  • Dolce and Gabbana on Bond St
  • Tiffany Old Bond St.
  • Hamleys on Regent St.
  • Liberty Regent St.

London Christmas Trees

The most famous tree in the world, the Trafalgar Square tree will be lit on (unconfirmed as yet) December. The tree is an annual gift from Norway to the UK in gratitude for assistance in WW2.

Covent Garden usually boasts a large and impressve Christmas tree too ( pictured above)

London Outdoor Ice Rinks at Christmas

London Christmas Markets and Fairs 2019

 Christmas Market London

This chap at Covent Garden is new for Christmas 2014 and he’s spectacular.

There are one day Christmas Markets and events all over the city, but the biggest and longest-running attractions are below.

 Christmas food fair London

Hot salmon at the food fair outside the Tate Modern on the South Bank
  • Outside the Tate Modern there was a large market, lots of food, alcoholic winter drinks and crafts.
  • Leicester Square has had a small market, a carousel and a scary looking ride. 

Special Christmas Events in London

  • Christmas at Kew, an after dark experience of magical lights at the famous Kew Botanical Gardens.  2019 dates here.
  • Winter Wonderland Hyde Park , 2019 dates above, has it all, ice rink, big wheel, food stalls and a circus.

Craft fair London

Christmas wreaths at a craft fair smell amazing!

Christmas Day in London

This is the quietest day of the year in London, take the opportunity to walk in the parks and see the Christmas windows and lights. There’s something special about being in London at Christmas time but Christmas day itself in the city is a unique experience.

Ripleys Believe it or Not is open. Very few other places will be. We went to Ripleys in New York, I was surprised by how good it is. We’re heading to the London Ripleys in the next few days, so I’ll let you know what it’s like. Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Piccadilly Circus, London review here. – Update the Piccadilly Ripley’s has now, we believe, closed down or relocated. Please check.

The annual Christmas day Serpentine swim in Hyde Park is worth a watch if you’re out and about at 9am.

London Public Transport at Christmas

Getting around London is tricky over Christmas, London’s public transport system is excellent, cheap and efficient, but Christmas is the worst time to experience it. The huge crowds of shoppers make life very difficult for most of the Christmas school holiday period and every weekend. On top of the crowds, there are also closures.

Remember there is usually no tube, overground or bus service on Christmas Day in central London and reduced service over the holiday period. Check with Transport for London for latest details.

How Do British People Celebrate Christmas?

Well, obviously, it varies between families, but if you’re visiting London from abroad you might be interested, so I’ll tell you. In my family it was traditional to open our Christmas presents from under the tree and Christmas stockings stuffed by Santa ( Who we usually called Father Christmas) very early on Christmas morning. The rest of the day was either spent at home, cooking and eating a huge Christmas lunch, yes, we eat our turkey at lunchtime, not dinner time, or at a relative’s home. British people tend to call lunch dinner if it’s a large roast. We never watched the Queen’s speech, some do, we didn’t, although I’m very fond of our monarch. Christmas lunch would be roast turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets ( sausages wrapped in bacon) roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, lots of vegetables. The vegetables served should always include roast parsnips and sprouts. A flaming Christmas pudding with cream ( I hate brandy butter) would follow. In the evening we’d normally eat turkey sandwiches, cheese ( stilton), trifle and snack foods. Wine, port and sherry would flow freely. Relatives would come to our house for lunch or we would go to their homes. It was a family time and we didn’t venture out much other than for a crisp afternoon walk maybe. So as the British population tucks into their lunch and enjoys their presents, expect the streets of London to be the quietest they will ever be on Christmas Day. But Christmas Eve is another story, we’ll be out in force drinking and merrymaking, expect huge numbers.

What Time is The Queen’s Speech?

The Queen’s Speech or Christmas Message is normally aired at 3pm on Christmas Day.

Booking a Transfer from Heathrow into London on Christmas Day or Over the Christmas Period.

Several people have asked me about this now. The best I can do is send you here ( opens in new tab).There are cars to pre-book your airport transfer and also bookings available for the Heathrow Express, but check dates and availability ( see below).

Taxis can be very expensive in the UK so be cautious and look out for extra charges at Christmas time.

The Heathrow Express website here ( opens in new tab), states that there will be maintenance work this Christmas and closures, check this for your dates.

We’ll add more Christmas information for London 2019 just as soon as it becomes available. For more on visiting London head to our main London Travel home page. We hope you enjoy visiting London, our favourite city, this Christmas