Dozens of passengers have scrambled to safety, after a three-storey dinner cruise on Thailand’s Chao Phraya River capsized.

The wooden vessel, which operated as a ferry and restaurant for patrons, capsized and subsequently sank – however no one on board was injured or died as a result.

According to the local Marine Department director, Wittaya Yamuang, all 60 passengers and 15 crew members were safely evacuated but an investigation into why the cruise boat sunk is underway.

Local media reported that no charges had been made and it was unlikely there would be any charges, according to police.

“There’s no charges filed. No one was hurt,” Police Maj. Chairat Pornsiriwat said by phone Monday to local media. “(The boat operators) came to talk to us just now.”

It is understood water leaked into the popular cruise boat, which had both Thai locals and foreign tourists on board.

The captain, Tassanai Kumpaengjeen, reportedly decided to stop at a private port to allow everyone to escape as the vessel’s water pump was not working and a leak on the right side of the vessel started to fill with water.