A TikTok star staying at a luxury resort in Miami Beach, Florida, has slammed the accommodation for “smelling like garbage” and leaving “dead birds” by the pool.

Veronica Reign, who has 210k followers on the social platform, said that after visiting the resort throughout her childhood, she decided to book a stay with her boyfriend to relive the “amazing memories” together.

But after arriving to a room that allegedly “smelt like garbage”, there were “dead birds” by the pool and said the hotel “is trashed”.

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“The front of the hotel … literally has graffiti and stickers on it,” Reign vented while dressing herself in front of the camera.

“By the main pool there’s dead birds and trash.

“I am shocked at the way the staff is treating the customers. Numerous people have complained … it’s crazy.”

The post, which attracted thousands of likes, had some social media users questioning whether she was telling the truth or not and requested “proof” of her claims.

Taking her camera around the ‘luxury’ hotel, Reign took photos of the alleged garbage around the grounds of the resort, followed by a picture of a dead bird nearby the pool area.

“That’s so crazy and sad,” one person wrote alongside the clip.

“I went there in February and it was the same and absolutely no food service,” another added.

Some questioned whether the somewhat “trashed” grounds were a result of recent Spring Break celebrations.

“Spring Breakers f***ed it up for everyone,” one person wrote.

“Miami Beach is always trashed after Spring Break so not surprised,” another added. “Sad to see how bad it is every year.”