A toddler has sustained significant injuries to his legs, arms, neck, shoulder and head after being mauled by a dingo on Fraser Island.

The two-year-old boy wandered off from a home at Orchid Beach just before 7.30am on Saturday.

He was attacked by a lone dingo a short time later.

A Fraser Island paramedic said the boy suffered puncture wounds to many parts of his body as well as the back of his head.

“The young lad had sustained bite marks and puncture wounds to his left leg, left arm, base of neck, shoulder and a laceration to the base of his head and the back as well,” he said.

“None of these wounds were life-threatening but some were quite deep puncture marks.

“This child was extremely lucky to not sustain worse injuries as it was believed to be a single dingo and not a pack.”

The toddler was saved after nearby residents heard the attack taking place.

“I believe it may have been neighbours in houses nearby, heard the commotion going on outside and they dealt with it,” the paramedic said.

It’s believed the child had wandered off outside while his family slept.

“The two-year-old male child had managed somehow to get out of the house the family was staying at, while other members of the family were in the house asleep, and he had gone for a little wander outside,” the paramedic said.

The boy was airlifted to Bundaberg Hospital.