Georgie Hudson is going through the health battle of her life after being diagnosed with an advanced form of breast cancer.

The mother-of-two, who is based in Melbourne with her husband and two children, began chemotherapy just over a week ago, and her mother Katarina Anderson is desperate to be by her daughter’s side.

Sydney-based Katarina, who is fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca, applied for a compassionate exemption to travel to Melbourne three weeks ago.

“I applied for a travel exemption permit as I believe I am the only solution to help my daughter and her family cope through this devastating set of circumstances”, her request read.

Katarina, 62, had said she was willing to quarantine for 14 days. Despite this, her application was denied.

“I was devastated,” she told Sky News Australia.

“It’s the most frustrating thing having your daughter and the kids in that situation and I’m wanting to be emotionally, physically helpful and I’m sitting here waiting.”

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Georgie’s husband Kael Hudson, 33, said his wife’s treatment has been gruelling and she needs her mum by her side.

“She had a bit of a breakdown on Friday night, when she got the news that her mum couldn’t come down, she had been really holding onto that, having her mum with her and having that denied is hard to get your head around.”

He said they were given little explanation about why their request was knocked back.

“I don’t understand how that system is working, you see public cases of international people coming out for reality TV shows, or our leaders travelling overseas and coming back, but a mother who is fully vaccinated and willing to do quarantine can’t travel from Sydney to Melbourne to look after her daughter.”

He is struggling with holding down his full-time job while in lockdown, and also navigating the situation with their two children aged two and four. He says they are in “survival mode”.

“It’s very difficult, it’s completely new ground for us … On the second day of treatment we had to take her to the emergency department because she was having heart pains, she stayed in emergency until three in the morning.”

He said his wife’s hair will fall out soon, which will be a shock to her and their children.