Six flights across three Australian states are on Covid-19 alert after a cabin crew member worked while infectious.

An infected cabin crew member worked while infectious on six flights across three major Australian cities, prompting an urgent Covid-19 warning.

Passengers who arrived on flights from Melbourne into Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide have been sent into self-isolation for two weeks after Virgin’s staff testing protocols identified the infected crew member.

Victorian Department of Health deputy secretary Kate Matson said the Virgin employee had worked from October 4-6.

The flights of concern were:

  • October 4: VA219 from Melbourne to Adelaide 10:11am to 11-09am
  • October 4: VA218 from Adelaide to Melbourne 11:38am to 1:19pm
  • October 5: VA827 from Melbourne to Sydney 09:09am to 10:32am
  • October 5: VA808 from Sydney to Melbourne 11:16am to 12:53pm
  • October 6: VA1593 from Melbourne to Newcastle 12:56pm to 2:19pm
  • October 6: VA1594 Newcastle to Melbourne 3:02pm to 4:38pm

“Fellow crew members on those flights have been deemed close contacts and most do live in Melbourne and will be contacted by the department,” Ms Matson told reporters at Victoria’s Saturday Covid-19 media briefing.

“Passengers on those flights are being contacted by the relevant jurisdictions and we have been in close contact with both NSW and South Australia and working closely with them to contact the relevant passengers.”

NSW Health announced on Saturday afternoon it was aware of the flights and had ordered passengers into self-isolation.

All people on board those flights are considered close contacts and must isolate for 14 days, regardless of test results, from the date of their arrival in NSW.

SA Health the flight from Melbourne to Adelaide took place on October 4 and 25 passengers have been notified.

“We are in the process of calling all individuals to determine their place of quarantine and review testing results,” the health department said.

The infected crew member did not enter Adelaide Airport, the department confirmed.

All passengers were already required to undergo 14 days of self-isolation due to Melbourne’s status as a Covid hotspot.

Victoria and NSW are battling ongoing Covid-19 outbreaks, with Victoria posting a national record of 1965 new infections on Saturday.

South Australia has largely remained unaffected by community infections, but recorded one case of community transmission on Saturday.

The Victorian man is a transport worker in his 20s who was travelling through South Australia to Western Australia.

He will be escorted back to Adelaide by South Australia police to undergo quarantine at a medi-hotel.