Former Bachelor contestants Abbie Chatfield and Matty J have joined in on the roasting of influencer Chloe Roberts for a bizarre post she made on Instagram.

Abbie Chatfield and Matty J have joined a long list of social media commentators roasting a fellow influencer over her bizarre attempt at taking a sip of drink from a can.

Melbourne influencer, fitness model and avid traveller Chloe Roberts posted a video to her Instagram stories over the weekend from her holiday on a beach in South Australia. In the clip, she poured some vodka from a drink bottle (which she was spruiking) and into a can of Monster energy drink.

The 21-year-old then took an apparent sip from the can, but her action was quickly mocked and consequently picked up by influencer watchdog account Celeb Spellcheck as being fake.

The Instagram account, which calls out influencers and pokes fun at their mishaps, was then flooded with comments from people confused by Ms Roberts failed attempt at taking a sip from the can.

“I don’t understand,” editor and beauty influencer Eleanor Pendleton wrote alongside the video.

“Just drink??? The drink?????,” Abbie Chatfield added.

“This is influencing me in the opposite direction,” another commenter added, while one said influencers appear to “not be trying anymore” with the product they are employed to push.

“This is so cringe it makes me feel uncomfortable,” another added.

Ms Roberts has posted numerous snaps showing off her time in South Australia, including visits to Perlubie Beach and Coffin Bay National Park. has contacted Chloe Roberts for clarification on the video.

Earlier this week, another influencer was roasted for attending a party on Australia Day, with some publicly condemning the move that she “should know better.”

Elly Miles copped heat on January 26 after attending a going away party just hours after posting an “always was, always will be” message on Instagram.

Elly, who appeared on the 2021 season of The Bachelorette, was quick to defend her antics, telling her followers she was “not celebrating Australia Day at all”.

“People are a bit worried that I’m at an Australia Day party, I just wanted to say I am not,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

“I am at a friend’s house, we’ve got the kids in the pool. We’re hanging out for a friend’s going-away.

“I am all for abolishing the date, I respect that this is Aboriginal land.”

Elly was initially called out by influencer watchdog account Celeb Spellcheck for “doing exactly what she apologised for last year” after she posted a now-deleted photo of herself enjoying a glass of champagne with a group of friends.